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24/7 Open GYM Access for members and clients!

24/7 Open GYM Access for members and clients!

Who we are


We focus on teaching our clients and members how to train for life. We teach individuals lifestyle changes and that is our soul, mission. We don't want to train a single client for the next five years.

We want to train the client for a year; give or take a few months; and give that individual the confidence and knowledge to do this on their own.


Our vision of what your gym should be is to create and sustain a sense of community and belonging. In other words, "A place where everybody knows your name" We do realize that this is Downtown Mobile and that everybody just might know everybody's name. Here at MobtownGrind, we don't care who you are, your social status, what house you own, what street you live on, or what neighborhood you live in. When you step inside our doors, that shit doesn't matter. We want members and clients who want to be better in life and better in the community.

MobtownGrind will cap its membership at 200 members max and that includes personal training clients. We are not in this for the money, we are in it for the people.

Get in the best shape

MobtownGrind is a husband-and-wife team (Dale & Dori), family owned and operated right here in Downtown Mobile AL. We started as a personal training studio in August of 2021 and very quickly grew out of that location in less than a year. Dori has been growing her personal business over the past 9 years and has brought it to a point that needs a much larger location. Our previous location was tiny but impressive. We think you will be equally impressed with what we have put together right here in downtown Mobile, AL.

Please don't be shy, stop by and visit us. We will be more than happy to give you a tour and answer any questions.

Personal Training